Corporate Communication

AGG ADV. Group helps clients understand that corporate communication is a powerful "weapon" in any business endeavor or any issue that arises.

Corporate communication includes:

Strategic visibility in the Media

— Advertising campaigns in daily magazines, electronic and digital media

Organization of press conferences

Press releases / Press articles, corporate reputation management

Publicity & Media Relations

Relations with local communities

Intra-company communication & Change Management

Public Affairs

— Issue & crisis management

Graphic Design, Printed Advertising & Publishing

In the field of design and print advertising, the graphic design department of AGG ADV. Group promotes products and services in the best way by:

Mockup design

Brand Naming, logo design, Corporate Identity and packaging design

Form design and printing

Distribution of forms

Registration of forms, advertisements in newspapers and magazines


Special Editions – Albums

Advertising Spots

AGG ADV. Group, in collaboration with well-known television and radio message production companies, creates and conveys the message intelligently, quickly and targeted through the power of electronic media.


Creation of complete advertising scripts for television and radio advertising

Production of television and radio Spots with famous or non-famous actors.


Videography (outdoor shooting or Studio)

Events & Conferences

AGG ADV. Group for the promotion of any product and services plans, supervises and implements various promotional activities with the aim of promoting the business, increasing sales and Marketing.

The company, with strategy and responsibility, organizes a variety of events (children's, sports, promotional, etc.) with the help of specialized partners.

The organization of meetings, conferences and exhibitions is also part of the services it offers. Scientific, medical, business, educational conferences are organized with consistency, professionalism, creativity and passion.

The services for the best organization of the conference include:

Coordination of the event



Secretarial support

Translation and interpretation services

Brand Marketing

The power of a strong brand is undeniable. AGG ADV. Group with knowledge of the market and the needs of the consumer public, creates competitive Brands.

We treat each Brand as a unique story with a distinct message by:

Advertising campaigns

Campaigns to promote new products, with fresh ways of positioning and promotion

Supporting businesses to launch new products, market themselves, build and protect their corporate reputation

Digital Marketing

AGG ADV. Group attaches great importance to the internet, considering it as a key means of advertising and communication, and provides its clients with the following services:

Creation of Websites / E-shop

     a) SEO

     b) Advertising on Google (Google Adwords)

Social Media Marketing

    a) Management of Facebook & Instagram pages

    b) Creating a strategy

    c) Advertising Campaigns

Marketing content

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